Quad is a four channel DVR, capable of simultaneous recording of up 1 to 4 video channels.  Built with the same advanced features as the Solo, with the addition of simultaneous 4 channel parallel recording (i.e NOT time multiplexed), eliminating the need for a time multiplexer and the chance of missing Critical Events.

Throw away your mountain of backup VHS tapes and replace them with a solid state system that allows you to digitally time index and manage your video Critical Events. 

Key Features: Digital Recording, Time Indexed events, Internet Access (requires Broadband connection), Email Alarms, Image Encryption (ensures no image tampering), Pre-Event Recording, External Alarm (record trigger) inputs, removable Hard Drive for external data storage, 4 channel recording (simultaneous).  

DVR's are a key component of all Video Surveillance Systems sold, designed, and installed by MCInc.

Installation services are available in selected metropolitan markets.

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